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The purpose of education is to prepare children for a future that is uncertain and unknown. Given the rapid obsolescence of jobs, technology, and knowledge in the 4th Industrial Era, schools must enable students to be lifelong learners who are adaptable and innovative. Many students of today may have to work in jobs that do not exist yet with emphasis on digital and socio-emotional competencies. 10 X International School will therefore teach students 21st century competencies that will equip them to be future ready. A collaborative partnership between students, teachers, and technology will promote the teaching learning of competencies such as empathy, innovation, creative, and critical thinking. While technology will take on the mundane tasks of teaching content, assessments and feedback, the teacher will be free to personalize learning for each child and thereby unlock the potential of the child.

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Our Vision

10X International School will harness the positive power of academic excellence, exponential technologies, and innovative competencies, to create leaders of tomorrow, who will be future-ready as life and business entrepreneurs “Schools of the Future are Schools of Innovation…In the human-technology nexus, humans will be in the ascendant… Technology is what makes us human.”

– Lt Gen Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (R)CEO & MD, Indus Trust

Our Mission

To create humane individuals who are Future- Ready and Life Ready. 

About Us


“New Way of Schooling” is the credo for 10X International School, by Indus. Here at 10X the purpose of education is to create Future-ready and Life-ready minds who can do new things, by the collaborative teaching methodology in Blended format. The need of the hour is to provide an education system which amalgamates the aspiration of the present generation to be Meta-Verse. At such crossroads, we find ourselves greatly energized to cater to the needs of the present times.

Research Curriculum

Research is a compulsory and one of the most significant components at 10X.

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Blended Learning

The blended learning model has been strategically implemented at 10X by dividing the program

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Blockchain E- Portfolio

10 X International School’s Blockchain enabled Klefki DigiCert is an entity based personalised e-Portfolio.

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Drone Based Learning

In the recent years, drones have become increasingly popular as a tool for teaching and learning in educational settings.

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Career Placement Support

The college placement office guides our students on their post-secondary educational pathway.

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Community Service

At 10X Community Service is not something our students are involved in just when they find time, nor is it an activity they do for brownie points

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Design Thinking

The Design Thinking Process at 10X is an integral part of the project-based learning environment.

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IB Curriculum

Education at 10X International School, Bangalore is designed to provide human-centered learning enabled by artificial intelligence and ethics.

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Exponential and Immersive Technology

The core idea of incorporating exponential technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

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STEAM Education

STEAM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

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“Schools of the Future are Schools of Innovation… In the
human-technology nexus humans will be in the ascendant… Technology is what makes us human.”

– Lt Gen Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (R)CEO & MD, Indus Trust

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10X International School is all about enabling young people to develop an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset thereby becoming Future-Ready, Market-Ready, and Life-Ready. 10X will be a place where human intelligence and artificial intelligence combined will lead to innovative intelligence. Graduates of the school of the Future will be humane individuals empowered with purpose and passion.

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